Management Services

These are specific and time bound tasks, we have a special team to address these requirements.

When clients move to a new property, we help them attain full value of the property by carefully detailing the work and a full professional clean-up. Our team can transform even the most neglected of properties.

We offer ‘End of tenancy’ cleaning that include the following:

  • DE cobwebbing
  • Clean internal windows and frames
  • Clean doors, skirting boards radiators and pipe work
  • Clean light fittings, switches, and sockets
  • Clean bannisters
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Clean carpets if required and extra attention to hard marks with special treatment and make them look new.
  • Wash hard floors

Kitchen and utility rooms

  • Full clean of kitchen
  • Cupboards and drawers
  • Tile cleaning
  • All kitchen units
  • Fridge, freezer, and other gadgets
  • Degrease extractor
  • Descale sink
  • Clean appliances as necessary such as soap dispenser, inside door of washing machine and dish washer
  • Clean extractor fans

Bathrooms and Cloakrooms

  • Descale shower doors, head, pipe and fittings
  • Descale taps and plugs
  • Clean tiles
  • Clean baths, sinks, toilets etc
  • Fixing of all minor damages and chip outs in any area.